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The little black pieces of turf that always get stuck in your shoes.
Ugh, I have so much feef in my shoes from that football game today!
by Fleebleknart November 14, 2017
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The extraordinarily rare event in which a fart and a queef occur simultaneously.
1. "It smells like shit and vagina in here... Did you just feef!?"

2. "I heard two separate fart noises and felt air brush across my ballsack. Per chance, you feefed."
by Wolf House March 12, 2013
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A combination of socks,two rubber gloves,and some tape used to simulate a vagina.
I squirted some lotion into my feef and fucked it while looking at the page from the womens underwear section of the clothing catalogue.
by Drew Wolverton September 28, 2003
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Similar to a queef. It's the gassy sound that is made when a man pulls his dick out of an anus, of a girl or a guy, during anal intercourse. This sound is not a fart. Rather, it is caused by the combination of K-Y Jelly and air being pushed into the ass during sex.
"So, I was fucking this girl in the ass the other day, and when I pulled my dick out, she let out this massive feef!!"
by Diodon January 02, 2009
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When a person with epilepsy has a seizure, their common verbal noises are "feef".
Holy shit Johnny is having a fucking seizure!
He just feef-ed!
by feeeeeeeeeeeeeef November 10, 2018
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