Grab dick and tits all month
Yo girl its Feburary come here
by Mc the goat February 1, 2020
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HankMcCoy's personal spelling of February as applied to Habbox.
Welcome to Feburary.
by Hank March 24, 2005
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28 inch rims (refering to the 28 days in the month)
I just threw some feburaries on my Escalade
by Ken Singelby April 1, 2007
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This day is for the more superior. People with a birthday on this day are amazing and doing great in life. Its also national steal a hoodie day! Go get that mans/womans hoodie!
"Its feburary 1st you know what that means!" *steals hoodie*
by Dayacheese❤ November 6, 2019
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You saw a meme and typed in your birthday to see what it meant just like me, well now we're brothers because we share the same birthday
by Cereal guy October 23, 2019
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On this day the coolest of friends are born. If you were born on this day all your friends look at you in awe, you're also fucking sexy, not as sexy as March 23rd birthday people, but still as good
Person 1: Why is my best friend so cool?
Person 2: they were probably born on Feburary 9th
by Bruh22002022 March 17, 2020
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Feburary 21st is the official day of
" Asking your crush on a date day"
"Yo, it's Feburary 21 ! Ask her out today!"

"Oh shit! Bett"
by goated is me October 31, 2019
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