If you were born on this day, you are beautiful and loyal. You are also a independent person meaning you can stand alone if you want to.
February 1st is a day in winter that is rare for birthdays. People who are born in February first are Aquarians♒!!!💜
by ZodiacGirl♒ October 18, 2019
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this is the day when the most loyal best friends are born:)
oh she was born on february 1? she must be a loyal person.
by renita:) October 6, 2019
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February 1 is the day the most loyal and prettiest people are born and they also are the type to not gaf about what another does or says.
February 1 girls dgaf buh they pretty asf!!
by GoldenChick October 16, 2019
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The hottest, nicest and most amazing person was born aka my crush
-Omg he is so fucking beautiful!
-Duuh he was born on February 1st
by Anonymmmousss November 14, 2019
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National get railed day: this is a day where you get railed, pretty self explanatory. If your birthday is on this day you a freak freak.
Person 1: “What’s the date?”
Person 2: “February 1st, so you know it getting freaky tonight”
by lolnothasgay October 20, 2019
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The day when you hold hands with your crush! You have a crush? Today's the day to hold their hand!
Boy: You know it's February 1st right?
Girl: Yeah so what?
Boy: (Grabs girl's hand)
Girl: Oh 😊
by randomgirl843 January 29, 2021
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This is a day of February the 1st cause today the beautiful ppl were born in this day there pretty loyal and pretty loyal as friends to they must care about u and DONT FORGET TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCH !!!!
by Drippy._ December 12, 2019
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