A beautiful baby boy was born this day and i want him to know I love him so much this boy is Tristan David Finley aka Ginger snap
Love u buba- Kylah aka Sissy. Remember February 1
by Kylah Popchoke November 17, 2020
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National TikTok day because on February 1 was when TikTok got 1 billion dowloads and which is 1 out of 7 billion people in the world!!!
February 1 is when TikTok became famous.
by Hayden Tyson January 21, 2021
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February 1st is all about love because it’s FEBRUARY boys tell your gf a dirt compliment😏
Boy: Hey babe you have a big ass
Girl: Oh umm thanks?!?
Boy: Its February 1st!
Girl: Oh ya!!
by February 1, 2021
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is u were born on feb. 1 ur an amazing person with a special life and u will never be racist cuz u were born on black history month
damn was that girl born on february 1 cuz she looks amazing
by lexi_chick January 24, 2014
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the day the best human being in the world, harry styles, was born. this day is dedicated to him and february first his his and only his har
Harry styles was born on february 1
by phsycedelics November 8, 2019
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hailey: hey bro wanna have sex
samantha: wtf why
hailey: its february 1
samantha: oh yea sure
by crackhead emma February 1, 2021
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slap your shortest friend day

only if your tallest though
it is 1 February

*slaps short friend *
by hi yeet January 29, 2020
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