If your born on this day, you are a fabulous Aquarius. You might be insecure just a little, but when you state what your insecure about, people tell you that you should think otherwise. If your like me, you have kind of a lot of friends, but you have that close group that you hang out with all the time. You are always told your birthday is before Valentine’s day, which get’s annoying.
“You’re birthday is on February 13th?”
“That’s a day before Valentine’s day!”
by SeungminIsMINEEE January 27, 2020
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People born on this day are the coolest and if you doubt that I don’t care if you were born on this day I love you
Woah, you were born on February 13th?MARRY ME
by extremegamergirl January 24, 2021
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The holiday when you break up with your significant other so you will not waste money on them on February 14.
Mike: it's finally February 13th time for me to break up with Jane.
by Kingslayer3000 February 19, 2016
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A day to have a rough orgy with your friends not in a gay way tho
Y’all it’s February 13th no homo but y’all know what to do
by Your gay not me January 18, 2022
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National day for kissing, cuddling, winking or having sex with ur bf/gf. Usually a good day to make your first move or lose your virginity.
Gf/Bf: it’s February 13th

Bf/Gf: you know what that means
Gf/Bf: lets get dirty :b
by Little bing bong June 15, 2020
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National - make out with your frend day-
Dont leave out your friends and make out with them!
Why are you kissing everyone? Hoe.
Im not a hoe, its just february 13th
by Vanja February 11, 2023
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Oh my gosh, I forgot today was February 13th that’s means a real stallion was born today”
by Bossbitch1234 October 16, 2019
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