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When ever you are shopping or watching any Mrbeast video just say Shopmrbeast.com they will by something on the shop later in the day
guy:I really want that vacuum cleaner
Dude: ShopMrBeast.com
by Dasher27 January 27, 2019

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Feathery's are people who love birds and own bird sword books. They are related to the furry but don't dress up in animal costumes. If you shoot a bird in front of a feathery you will well... cease to exist
bird master: well atleast i'm not a furry
furry: (cries)
by Dasher27 January 15, 2019

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Someone who is a lesbian times 3 whenever you are in in the 2 feet range you are a Tresbian too . BEWARE you can easily become one they give of a scent so if can smell flee the area.
Guy: Dude look out a Tresbian I could smell it let's go!
Tresbian: =(
via giphy
by Dasher27 January 30, 2019

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This was an event that went wrong. Tanacon is like the convention vidcon but filled with obscure you tubers It was for less known You tubers but mostly for a you tuber named Tana. She is really obscure and stuff. Anytime you're in a long line just say this feels like Tanacon.
Dude 1: Ugh this is such a long line!
Dude 2: This reminds me of TANACON
by Dasher27 January 15, 2019

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