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A term used to describe a person who dresses up as any avian/feathered species in a full body feather, or fake feather suit. Similar to how a furry wears a fursuit.
A: Hey did you see that Feathery at the comic-con?
B: Yep, that's a new one. I wouldn't be surprised if next year they had snake costumes.
by maple.smash March 30, 2019

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- Jacobs are some empathetic s.o.b's.
- They don't know the meaning of caring for themself.

- Not the most attractive human beings out there but have a heart 10x as big as their body
- Gets along with literally everyone: Plays video games with the nerds but it also on the basketball team.
- Also secretly listens to hard rock and heavy metal but no one knows except the people who have the pleasure to meet a Jacob.
- Also kind of a doofus.
A: Hey, did you see that new kid that moved down the block?
B: yeah I think his name was Jacob or something like that?
A: don't bother then. He is just going to sit inside and play video games all day.
by maple.smash March 29, 2019

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