A made up condition espoused by certain members of the Fat Acceptance movement (FA), Health at Any Size (HAES), or Transfat Activists that purports to represent systematic and open opression of heavier people but is really barely disguised body-shaming and sour grapes.

This shameless attempt to capitalize on the growing awareness of actual opression attempts to equate not finding clothing in their size with the denial of basic civil rights; fear for one's own life, and being forbidden to marry. Many HAES activists also claim that no-one has any control over weight gained or lost and that Doctors should be ignored as part of a "Fat Shaming" culture. In addition, many of these "activists" downplay or deny any and all scientific evidence that does not agree with their world view, including all evidence that obesity is a health risk.
FA: "Oh my god, it's so unfair that I have to pay for two airplane tickets just because I'm 400 lbs!"
Friend: "But you DO take up two seats..."
FA: "FAT PHOBIA! You don't understand my struggles!"

FA: "I shouldn't have to pay slightly more for clothing in my size, even though it could make two shirts for anyone else! Also, it should make me look good and look exactly the same as it does on a smaller framed person or else it's discrimination! This is such a good example of FAT PHOBIA."

Dr: "You gained 30 lbs since your last visit, I really think we should talk about your diet and exercise needs."
FA: "This is Fat-phobia! I don't have to listen to you!"
by DeadNotSleeping March 08, 2014
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The genuine pyschological fear that you will be devoured by a fat person in a bout of hunger, crushed under their mass, starved when they take all your food, or various other gruesome deaths associated with obesity.
Researchers of fatphobia have concluded through field research that if a fat person looks at you straight in the eye, run. They'll never catch you.
by Mr Patbob June 11, 2016
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