An Arabic name. A beautiful person, with a charming and seductive personality that dazzles you. Her beauty is known as "Magical".
That girl is Fatin.
by reha89 February 23, 2010
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A sweet,cute and unique girl that possesses many different talents that people can find either weird or interesting when she does something. She has that attractive aura that only people who wants to get to know her feels even though she might be anti-social among many people that she isn't close to and prefers to do her own things.
"There Fatin goes again making her normally cute drawings but you'll never know what it's meaning is unless you've lived in the internet for a time."
by HazFira June 10, 2018
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Fatin is a all around sweet and innocent girl. She doesn't care for high school 'groups' and only does what she's comfortable with. You will never see her give into peer pressure. Her personality is honest and loyal with a dry sense of humor.
hey Fatin want to go smoke some bud? We're already here and have it out..

nahh, i don't do that. You guys can though don't mind me!
by radiant r a v e r March 18, 2011
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This named people never lie.They love to play with girls.They become a leader in future.They look like innocent by outside but inside they are a bad guy.
Fatin is a dangerous boy
by Tuffy123 May 26, 2018
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a very sincere and cute girl. She has many different personalities. Once she can be so shy around people and sometimes she can be loud and energetic. She is unique and weird. Legend said she has less humour sense that's why she doesn't have many friends.
" Wait, who is Fatin? "
by weerls February 22, 2019
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the art of sitting around and doing nothing,hanging out with your friends and ordering dominos
Hey wats up oh noFFin just fatin around
by Dolores Corrado May 28, 2007
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Pulling a Fatin is when your friend tells you he likes a girl and instead of helping him you make the girl fall for you instead
Damn bruh, i really like Samantha but i cant believe Carson went around pulling a Fatin and is now dating her
by NotEnoughInfo August 14, 2019
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