An overweight person who is a good athlete nonetheless.
Roger's brother needs to lay off the Dunkin Donuts. Maybe, man, but that dude lettered in football and track. He's a genuine fathlete.
by Brian Bruce February 5, 2019
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A guy or girl who loves sports but is fat or husky, usually has a big build and thick thighs
zach randolph and eddy curry are FATHLETES
by JC RIVERA December 20, 2007
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Someone who is extremely large but holds the athletic ability of Derek Jeter.
Dean: "Holy cow chunk is fat as shit"

Monica: "yea but sure is fathletic"
by DeanBraim July 13, 2011
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A person who looks out of shape and looks like an obese sumo, but can still out run, lift and out play you in sports.
Ray:“ Man, Roy Nelson needs to lose some pounds, he looks like a White sumo.”
Tom:” nah, he can still kick ass. He’s fathletic .”
by Yfromdasix0522 July 29, 2018
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A person that despite is fat can play sports very well and sometimes even better than the average athletes.
Person #1 : Whoa Ryan can sure run fast for a fat person

Person #2: Yea no kidding he's a world class fathlete
by sholom22 September 19, 2006
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Someone who exercises on par with athletes but still remains fat.
Pete walks over 20k steps a day, lifts 3-4 days a week and is still fat. Pete’s a fathlete.
by LuckyGuy-PD April 10, 2022
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Any sports inclined type of guy who also has increased BMI
I used to be a fathlete — juggling sports and buffets every weekends.
by jeips August 30, 2022
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