People that are attracted in the mc youtuber George Davidson.

Its like dreamsexuals, Fatherless.

Fact: I actually own the @georgesexuality account
Someone on Twitter: Im Georgesexual now!!

Me: Fatherless behaviour.
by CaIIMeArt May 2, 2022
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Olivia: Im in love with George Weasley.
Julia: That means your Georgesexual!!
by Hpfan:))))))) December 28, 2021
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1. Sexual attraction to the minority youtuber named Georgenotfound (for the love of fucking sake these stans needs to go outside and touch some grass)
Person 1: Hey, I’m Georgesexual!
Person 2: Not to be rude but please touch grass, Georgesexual is not actually valid in the community, including: MAPs, Dreamsexuals, and you guys.
Person 1: Oh uh... ok.
by January 27, 2022
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When your totally in love with George weasley.

Paige: what’s your type

Lydia: I’m George sexual Hoe
Paige: what do you call someone who is in love with George weasley?

Someone who is in love or obsessed with George weasley are called Georgesexual.
by lydiawantsfivehargreeves December 30, 2021
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You are in love with George weasley
(I put Fredsexual here too and follow my tiktok athenarun06)
Me:oh!im in love whit George

Someone:that means you’re Georgesexual!
by Fred’s Wifey December 29, 2021
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when you are deeply in love/ obsessed with George Weasley.
oh what’s ur type?

i’m georgesexual
by dOllsoup December 29, 2021
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