Someone who is fat and eats a lot.
"Omg your such a fat pig"
" Wow stop eating fat pig"
by Pastaplant June 26, 2020
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When your sister chugs a water bottle so quickly, that she is considered to be a "fat pig"
Sister: *chug chug chug chug*
-"Oh my god you fat pig"
by Chairzy December 15, 2010
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A large fucking woman who's so fat that her pussy lips are hidden by rolls of fat and two bags of flour are required to find the wet spot.
Me and my buddy saw two fat pigs eating a bucket of fried chicken and a bag of doritos and he said: "You see those two women over there?" and I said: "Those aren't women, those are fat pigs, that's why they're wearing moo moos!".
by Bennie April 9, 2005
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a girl who is really fat and is a messy eater
dude do you see that fat pig over there?
yea man, she needs to wash her face and table
by greenbeans December 22, 2020
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a pig that is large in size, so large it looks like a ball with a pig nose.
Someone drew a fat pig on the desk in class and it has been there for over 3 months. i wrote "who drew this" and they wrote back "I'll never tell!"
by mrs. lutz March 30, 2007
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A useless person on a mission to self destruct, unaware what harm they are doing to themselves, others and the evironment. Resemblant to a fat pig, big for nothing, whatever this person says, is of no sigificant use to you. Squealing like a pig can be a metaphor for the way this person's Talk is cheap.

"...Don't say your cold... don't be so fat if it isn't sufficiently keeping you warm. Better still...Your cold? Tell me why you never came out with proper warm clothes on...Its you spreading your germs and not considering other people!..."
Its the middle of winter and a fat person on the bus sits upstairs at the back. A person gets on and opens 1 window of their choice, in the area they are going to sit. All of a sudden...BOOOF! "That fat pig just slammed the winow shut!" They insist on keeping all the window shut, even though the bus, now packed at this point, has hot breath condensation running down the windows.All because of this person's Pig-like: greedy, selfish, don't know what's good for themselves, unchangable ways...Other's on the bus have to breath in other people's exhaled, no good, pathogen and bacteria filled breath. A fat pig has evolved or adapted to its environment and therefore its physiology has changed too! this is similar to the way a fat pig (person) is unchangable as the pollution they have fed into their environmet; that is mental and physical, although it is damaging, they can't change what breed they are...Ever heared the saying: 'Born and Bred'? Well these people are ignorant to the fact, they were born to be useless. The chances of their offspring being the same or more so worse is great. It has been instilled
by Kill'EmWivIntelligence December 15, 2011
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A big ass faggot that sits on you in a fight
by Hdussusuej September 26, 2019
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