Mostly popular in Nig, it is a word that means to forget.
Nate: Why r u even calling me?
Drake: Fash
by Prizydent, Prayz June 12, 2020
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Fash can be either good or bad. It can mean something is super cool or someone looks super good or fashionable or it can be used as an expression of disgust or to mock someone.
"Ew have you seen what she's wearing?"
"Yeah, it's so fash."

"Wow Michael is lookin FASH today."

"Today we will have a test."
by Camgurl0428 September 11, 2018
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A great person. Someone with considerably small eyes.
A special, special person.
Who makes you laugh until you wee.
A true best friend, also known as "faye" or "fish" or "fanny" ahaha.
Overall, a loveable 'chink'!!
by Danielleee November 09, 2006
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