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the art of producing a fart in such a way that it sounds like it comes from another source
Person 1: *fart*

Person 2: "man that sounded like a rusty screen door."

Person 1: "yeah i've been working on my fartriloquism."
by Jeeeebuuuussss May 26, 2009
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Art of “throwing” one's farts in such a way that the sound and/or smell seems to come from a source other than the farter.

A person who practices the art is called an ventriloquist.
"Trey,I was in the middle of the room when all of a sudeen I smelled a nasty fart"

"Dude, sorry, was doing my fartriloquism act, I was aiming for Anthony."
by John the Heeb January 16, 2009
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The science of passing the blame when one passes the gas. The science of farting and getting away with it since someone else gets blamed.
Fartriloquism is hard to master, but the rewards can be tremendous.
by dj1 May 24, 2011
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