A Farouk is a person that no words can describe. A Farouk is kind , loving, funny , talkative, jolly , has the most beautiful smile and a big heart. Farouks love their parents and would die for them. Farouk don’t care about what people think and mind their own business. Farouks don’t hold grudges , they don’t hate anyone but if they do it’s because that person hurt them . Farouks love food and family and have the sweetest most pure souls . If you have have a Farouk in your life … cherish him because if he leaves you , you’ll never be able to forgive yourself

Farouks are too pure for this world
Boy 1: Do you remember Farouk?
Boy2 : yeah , man he was the best . I miss him :(
by Kinder joy September 4, 2021
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A guy that has a understandable personality; A good friend; The guy you can have fun.
Farouk is good friend. You are lucky if you meet a Farouk i n your life.
by Khaylife34 November 16, 2017
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noun: synonymous with an extremely hung penis; term used to describe an enormous phallus; often confused with a third leg
I walked into the room and thought a tripod was set up. Turns out it was just Alex in the nude--never would have thought he had a Farouk!
by Dirk Diggler 69 April 27, 2007
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“At the family reunion, sally was looking so fine. I just had to Farouk her.”

“You farouked your cousin??! Disgusting!”
by ליאור July 6, 2021
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A person who is really awesome, takes care of people, and is extremely kind. :) A farouk is also a big dick.
Omg, that guy must be a Farouk!!

I was in bed with this guy, and he had a Farouk!!!!
by ShortBasketBallPlayer November 24, 2010
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Once seen as the mightiest King in Egypt, he is now known as the finest brother in Melbourne, Australia. Known to share a dance or two with Cleopatra, King Farouk’s dancing skills are one of many that add to his overall talents of wooing beautiful women around the world. His afro radiates the entrancing tune of James Brown’s Sex Machine, inspiring the ladies to “shake their money maker”.

Although not confirmed, it is rumoured that he is extremely well endowed.
“Isn’t that Farouk?! Please hold my drink as I will now commence shaking my money maker.”

“That dance move was so Farouk!”

“So don't just stand there, bust a Farouk!”

“Oh my God! !Xobile!”
by Cathy O the big PHAT hoe November 16, 2005
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When you want to have something with a girl but she dips on you and dated your friend
-“Hey what happened with that girl you liked
-“Ahh fuck that girl she farouked me”
by Sonacabon November 22, 2019
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