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the art of choosing a specific girl or boy who has the potential to become really attractive in a few years. they may have a nice cute face but no body thus he or she mite need time to develop. you must be friend them and plant your quote on quote "seeds" on the particular person. thus when they bloom or aka are ready to crop you are the first choice because you were emotionally attach to them during the development stage ...

Not every person can be farm system, it all the depends on the the person if there body for example is skinny and has no breast or ass the extra weight that mother nature puts on during the next years filling her body out giving her descent size breast and but along with her cute face you'll have one hot mama ready to be taken to the festival ...

most likely used on high school freshmen and ends around junior to senior year ...
That girl can be Farm-system.

I'm going to farm system her and then I'll tap that ass afterward..

she will be my wifely in a few years after shes farm-system properly.
by athrunzala September 11, 2009
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