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Fargenize is a Hebrew term which does not have an immediate equivalent in the English language.

Fargenize is a derivative of the Hebrew term lefargen.

Fargenize roughly translates to ‘giving praise and credit to another’, ‘to support, not to envy or begrudge another's success’.

It is routinely employed in everyday discourse by most speakers of colloquial Hebrew, rather than treated as a lexical novelty.

Used in conjunction with self, fargenize means treating oneself with care, or indulging oneself.

The more casual use of the term refers to indulging oneself with a treat or a luxury.
Fargenize yourself! Treat yourself to something pretty.

You work so hard. You deserve to fargenize yourself!

He is a good guy. Fargenize him his success.

Don’t begrudge him his good fortune. Fargenize him.
by OdedYael May 01, 2009
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