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The Name Fareed originates from the middle east and means "Unique" in Arabic.
this is a name so it would be used as "hey , Fareed! you are the coolest
by falshami October 27, 2009
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best friend of deepa who is sooo cool.
always there wen u need him and always understanding.Will never leave deepa.he loves deepa and deepa loves fareed and no1 will ever break their friendship.
"did u see fareed??" --- "i wish i had a bestfriend like him!"
by Butthead April 17, 2005
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The worst little hoe ever. Backstabbing hoe ass little bitch. Fat as hell and bitchy as hell. Also fucking annoying. No friends. Big fat dickface.
Hey man, did you see Fareed? Yeah man he's such a fucking loser and he has no friends and no balls!!!
by Swaggyasslittleshit June 03, 2016
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Fareed is a dark motherfucker that ugly asf and rude ass hell . Can't text back shit and sucks dick and can't get off of peolpe dicks and slow asf moe .
"Your darker than me ". No I'm not fareed I'm 50 shades away from that nigga .
by Sexy love123 February 12, 2017
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