adj. when ya dun work somewhere no more
PSX_Cheatster: ya'll are fared!
Romeo: fared?
PSX_Cheatster: Yes, fared
* Romeo looks fared up...
PSX_Cheatster: as in ya dun work here no more
Romeo: everyone talking now doesn't work here....
Gashabras: wow
PSX_Cheatster: well duh... I just fared ya'll
by PSX_Cheatster February 25, 2005
A way to say sum up "You're fired and you don't work here no more!"
Cheatster says your fared!
by Shreddy February 25, 2005
Fares is the sweetest guy a girl could come across. He’s genuine and sweet. Anyone would be lucky to have Fares. He doesn’t see how valuable he is. He is very insecure about things that the world sees as beautiful. People love to hang out with him.
Her: “ hi what’s your name

Him: “ fares”

Her: “marry me
by random whore November 12, 2020
The Name Fareed originates from the middle east and means "Unique" in Arabic.
this is a name so it would be used as "hey , Fareed! you are the coolest
by falshami October 27, 2009
pronounced like Paris means a soldier on a horse_back sometimes with a sword in his hand.
I love this man very much, he is the fares of my dreams
by Dr. Lang August 28, 2007
instead of 'how are you doing' you would say 'how are you faring'
by bleepblopbloop October 18, 2010
Sexy and sweet, sometimes quiet. Usually happy and laughing. Perfect hair, and really cute laugh. His voice goes very high when someone bites him. Always looks adorable and he makes boyfriends very jealous because he's the perfect best friend to a girl. Guys want to be him and girls want to be with him. He's a really good guy.
Boyfriend: Hey, your head looks like a bunnies ass.
Girl: No! Don't talk about my Fares!!!
by Man.Mag November 20, 2010