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When a man is bored like they so often are on a day off and the wife or girlfriend is at work and he is alone with the computer and millions of porn sites. The man will masturbate not once or twice but maybe 18 or 18 times in an 8 or 10 hour span to the point where he can't ejaculate any further and possibly results in blisters.
Man "Dude can I come over and play xbox?"

Dude 'Sure, why?'

Man "I had a day off work and the wifey wants to get cozy and cuddly but I got fappulence! She'll know somethings up!"

Dude 'Oh shit son! Come over then.'
by IKON of WAR February 06, 2009
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the stench one gets when you over indulge yourself in self pleasure.
That dudes been watching a lot of porn you can smell his fappulence from across the room
by gagggs February 06, 2009
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