Code meaning to go and smoke weed. Should be used around your parents or teachers as an excuse or explanation as to what you were doing.
Hey Mum, I'm just going to my mates house to play xbox.

Teacher:why isn't your homework done?

Student:I was playing xbox and couldn't finish it.
by ace08 January 14, 2010
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A phrase used to describe someone banging their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.
Where's Peter?

He's playing Xbox with you know who.

Again? Reaaaaallly?
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What you tell your parents or guardians you were doing in your room with your significant other, rather than telling them you were having sex in their house.
Parent: Hey kids, what are you doing up there in the dark?

Kids: Just playing xbox mom.

Parent: Who's winning?

Kids: It's a dead heat
by biggiesmalls.29 July 14, 2010
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To finger a girl while using your thumb to play with her clit, using only one hand.
"Yeah, she thought I was really good at Playing Xbox and said she'd like to play with me again."
by FluffyKittenHater December 13, 2016
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That little shithead that has horrible burns and always trash talks you even though you didn't say anything. Also has a bad temper when all the people playing the game with him start trash talking him back.
Is Brenden playing Xbox because if he is I'm not playing with that cunt
by Kiwi licker November 9, 2017
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Mom said it's my turn to play on the Xbox
Mom said it's my turn to play on the Xbox
by Job, Blow July 18, 2020
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