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The innate ability to masturbate with both hands without favoring one over the other.
i can masturbate with my left or right hand because im Fapidextrous
by Greenskulls September 04, 2011
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The ability to masturbate skillfully with both hands. When one hand is tired, the other hand may be used to continue just as effectively. It is also possible to create unique combinations using both hands.
Guy 1 - I was trying to fap last night, but my right hand got tired, so I had to stop.

Guy 2 - I don't have that problem; I'm fapidextrous. I can go as long as I want.
by JerkMcGerk April 08, 2011
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The ability to masturbate with equal efficiency using either hand.
Jason broke his right arm on the slopes, thank goodness he is fapidextrous; his fapping will not be interrupted
by doc_hol October 05, 2013
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