What's a fanpage?:
A fanpage is an account dedicated mainly to a influencer and/or a celebrity. Some fanpages are multis, which means they own a fanpage dedicated to more then just one influencer/celebrity. Mainly fanpages tend to use social media like Instagram, and TikTok. Edits are what they make, nowadays there are 3 types of edits: 1. Video edits, these edits are primarily made on Videostar, Funimate, After Effects, Alight Motion etc. These edits primarily consist of a 6 seconds to 2 minute videos, with transitions, filters, and of course, the celebrity/influencer they're making it of. 2. Question videos, these edits are primarily made on Inshot, Vont, Colourtone, Prequel, Ultralight etc. This is an edit where you download a video of your idol, use one of the apps above, and add a question to it. These types of videos I mostly see on TikTok. 3. Photo edits, these edits are primarily made on PicsArt. I see a lot of them on Instagram.

Editor slang:
Dt: Dedicated to
Ib: Inspired by
Ac: Audio credits
Rm: Remake
Cc: Coloring credit
Oc: Overlay credit

Types of edits:
There's different types. Softie edits (cute audio, cute overlay, usually pink or purple color with cute happy clips of the influencer/celebrity.) Baddie edits (badass audio, money or something of that sort overlay, with red, blue coloring, usually empowers you, adds clips of the influencer/celebrity as a boss bitch) Velocity's (Slow video, primarily a TikTok, edited with usually mbl on.)
"I'm a Charli D'amelio fanpage!" I say. My friend smiles.
"What's your @?" She asks me.
"My @ is Charlitinsel on TikTok & Instagram."
by Mrmh2 January 12, 2021
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A fanpage is an account on social media created to support someone famous and post any sort of thing for and about them.
I have a fanpage for Charli D'Amelio! I hope she follows me someday and likes my edits!!
by fwrlulu November 6, 2020
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People who are just here to support someone but get hate for no reason. They have to deal with hate everyday. They mostly surround the platforms: Tiktok and Instagram
No example for fanpages here...
by December 14, 2020
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a fanpage is a page on social media where you support people. fanpage = fp
i have a fanpage for emma chamberlain.
by Zoe Laverne June 29, 2019
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an account dedicated to one person that inspires the owner of the account.
person 1: I think I want to make a fanpage for charli. person 2: I love fanpages they are so sweet and just want to support their idol.
by ellestanschqr August 25, 2020
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Sportdamelios has an amazing fanpage! She has about 13.5k followers AND IS WELL-KNOWN AROUND 12 STATES!!!
Follow her right now u don’t wanna miss ur chance!!!
by fanpage writer May 12, 2021
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a group of fans with Instagram pages where they post inappropriate photo's of their Idol/Stan and where they spill the tea to other fans

Beanz 1-"so like i heard Zion Kuwonu is fucking with that ugly at hoe malu trivago,"
Beanz 2-"me too!"
(Beanz shared a photo with Beanz 1)
photo- zion and malulu trivago
by SUCK MY NON-EXISTENT COCK December 1, 2019
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