It’s when you finger your self and you fanny goes hard like a piece of toast and then your boyfriend likes it and you fanny fart in his face
Hey man my girl just fanny farted
by LeoWfanny November 08, 2019
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1. Vagina/Pussy

2. Ass/Bum
3. Someone who is scared
1. "I ate her fanny out"

2. "She has one thicc fanny"
3. "Stop being such a fanny and fight the cunt"
by Tharteep May 30, 2018
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Fanny, fannying or fannies - to mess around like a moron - more than likely to "dither" around, as in: make a lot of fuss and look like you're doing something but acheiving diddly-squat
"Oi, stop fannying about and get those bricks up that ladder now dickhead"

"Listen you bunch of fannies - I need this doing now"
by DukeGuy July 03, 2008
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Fanny means butt/bozom/bottom/whateveryouwanttocallit in America.

Butt, it also means well, vagina (stop laughing you immature idiot) in Britain, so you can see where the confusion comes in? Yeah......
Check out my fanny pack!

*british people laugh hysterically in distance)
by Reginafalange February 04, 2015
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usually cruel people say it as butt, or people who think that they are fancy, but it's acutally now known commanly as a name
one of my friends sisters cousins friends mothers friends daughters friend is name fanny
by booyeahbaby December 05, 2004
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v. To fanny is to play down ones skill when playing competitive snooker for small stakes, the objective being that the unsuspecting opponent fancies his chances and suggests that the wager be increased. The superior player is then placed to make a sting and cleans up.
"Watch it when you play Wally for money, he is liable to fanny" - sound advice received in a Norwich snooker hall (1966).
by norfolkboy September 07, 2006
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A typical Mexican name.
A beautiful, strong independent caring person who makes others so happy. They care so deeply for the ones they loves and put a smile on everyone around. People do not know what they would do without fanny.
Fanny is the best person in the world, i don’t know where i would be without them.
by okayaniston January 05, 2021
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