Is when you spot a chick that you think is working with something, that looks good from far away and then when you get a closer look she ends up not meeting expectations
Damn! she look like she got a donk oh wait........never mind false alarm :-(
by MandoBurger August 24, 2010
Having the need to go poo. Once getting to the toilet, nothing seems to come out. You decide to go later on during the day when you really need to go.
Daughter: Mom. Hurry up in there! I have to drop a deuce!!

Mother: Okay

Daughter: sitting on toilet..."Why isn't anything coming out?

Daughter: FALSE ALARM!!! I guess I should wait and try again later.
by Melrsose December 21, 2009
After flatulating with unusual warmth, this feeling of warmth impresses on the perpretator a sense of anguish, dismay, and shock, because the perpretator had thought he/she (most likely he) had produced a solid instead of a gas.
(user checks pants)
Interesting...that fart was extraordinarily warm.
by neemx May 21, 2005
While sexing a woman doggy style, you spit on her back and tell her you came, and when she turns around you bust a nut in her face.
I pulled a false alarm on this bitch and she's blind to this day!
by K-Pop April 24, 2007
Exact opposite of shart. When you get a feeling that you really need to take a shit but after being seated on the throne you only fluctuate.
"Man i thought I had to take a massive dump but it turned out to be a false alarm." or "Why are you acting like a huge false alarm?"
by Ratedout August 9, 2008
When your gaydar flares at the time of meeting someone, shortly followed by the time of meeting their (usually extremely attractive) opposite sex partner.
Danny: Hey Mark! I'm Danny, it's SO AMAZING TO MEET YOU! I have been told SO much about you! I can't believe I'm finally seeing you face-to-face. Oh my gosh, hold on right there, I'll be right back! There's someone you just HAVE to meet! *runs off squealing*

Mark: *to himself* This guy's such a flamer... I'd be embarrassed if I was that gay...

Danny: *returns, pulling on the hand of a beautiful young woman* Mark, I'd like you to meet my wife, Suzanne.

Suzanne: Why, hello, Mark. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Danny: *to himself* Well THAT was a false alarm...
by PunkRockHottie June 10, 2008
when you go to the bathroom thinking you need to shit but after several minutes on the toilet of waiting you don't go at all until hours later.
false alarm anthem:
here i sit
broken hearted
tried to shit
but only farted
by souleater666666 August 28, 2010