Fake Depression is when a teenager (mostly girls between the ages of 12-15) pretends to be diagnosed with the very serious mental illness called depression in hopes getting attention. These girl will usually post pictures of themselves or other images with captions claiming that they want to end their lives or wanting to ‘end it all’ when really they just want others to take pity on them and sulk about how terrible their amazing life is. Spotting a fake depressed person is easy so please if you suspect someone you know might be this annoying blob of a person please these symptoms below
. Listening to ‘emo music’ and Billie Eilish

. Constantly taking about how bad their life is (usually people with depression don’t tell anyone about it)
. Posting on instagram with sad captions
. Complain that they have no friends (when really they have more than you)
. When talking about cliques or what famous character in a movie they are like they will usually pick the sad/emo/weird one

These people are some of the most disgusting people on the planet
Brittney :" omg like, I have know friends and everything in my life sucks right now and I just want to die"
Sam : " do I know you?"
Brittney : " no, nobody does because everyone hates me"
Also Brittney: "omg I’m so fat and ugly"
Sam : " shut up you fake depressed twelvie"
by Gavin’s crocs July 14, 2019
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A fake depressed is that one kid in every school who pretends to be depressed around others for attention but is actually a pretty happy yet annoying person, trying out things for popularity or attention
Person1: Is Aidan okay? Usually he's being an annoying fucker but seems pretty sad recently.

Person2: Eh. You know Aidan, he's just being a fake depressed for attention, like usual
by Blue Top Hat Man March 10, 2020
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Someone, usually a teenager that usually acts as they have a mental condition, because they think it's cool. You usually can tell when it's fake, if they don't tend to get in their feelings, don't cry or even act sad when they are around you . when they aren't around you, you can tell, because they show it off on their story and they tend to post quotes a lot. Most people that are actually depressed will not post much about their mental symptom called depression.
i think my friend has fake depression
by fake depression June 4, 2019
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used for gaining the attention and attraction of anyone when sad, basically. Used most frequently during teen years.
That boy just told everyone he's gonna commit die!.
Relax, he's known for fake depression
by the apls_ October 10, 2019
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Someone Who Begs And Is Desperate For Attention. That They Resort To Faking Depression To Their Friends, And On Social Media
My Friend Web Just Posted That He Has Depression

Probably Faking It Like The Jobber He Is

OH yeah! I Forgot! That He Is Always Faking Depression! Haha!
by Hollywood Hooligah July 22, 2018
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Fake Depression is commonly used in online games. The best way to spot someone faking Depression is them Having a sad face on their avatar or just acting depressed. You can see they say "They want to die" and "I have no friends" or "I slit my wrists" or some emo stuff. Yet, they're playing with 7 of their friends. (Out of 9,000). God I hate seeing fake depression. Don't you? It's sad because depression is a really serious mental illness. Don't fake it, please.
Another player: Bottom dollar he has fake depression!

Emo kids friend 1: Sup nerds
Emo kids friend 2: Greetin earthlings
Emo kids friend 3: Numa Numa hey there
Emo kids friend 4: Greetings, inferior ones.
Emo kids friend 5: Hi.
Emo Kid: what the fu-
by The Dictionary Urban June 26, 2020
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Some people are “Fake Depressed”, where they lie to themselves because they’d much rather be sad for attention then to be happy for their health and well being.
Examples of Fake Depression; The lady listened to sad music and looked at depressing pictures on the internet to increase how upset she was.
Rose purposely made herself feel sad and blamed everything on herself being the narcissist she is for attention, she was “Fake Depressed”.
Rose was fake depressed because she could not submit this form.
by Rose434 May 28, 2019
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