Teenagers who post on their stories vhs edited Simpson videos playing music and writing "pls kll me"
Send me the vhs edit, I need to show everyone my fake depression
by Slimajack January 6, 2019
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Someone who is sad and seeks attention when alone and instantly becomes happy when they are with someone.

People who show signs of fake depression would normally post black and white stories with phrases such as "kill me", "I hate everyone" and "join my live at 3:33" these are the typical signs of a bitch
Woah he's definitely got fake depression look at his attention seeking stories
by Hoodrat18 November 13, 2019
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Somebody who posts on their story about how bad their depression is when really all they want is attention. People who post Bart Simpson edits with some "in your feels" music. The only thing wrong with these people is they are attention whores and are only faking mental health conditions so they can feel like people care about them.
I know a lass with fake depression she thinks she's edgy for it but she just looks stupid

That Brooke Scott's got fake depression she thinks she's so cool for it but she just looks stupid and I want to kick her head in for it
by Ùwú80'sbitchùwÚ September 10, 2019
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Usually middle schoolers would do this for attention by faking mental illnesses. Always post on their Snapchat story DHMU, only the real ones would know, always uses the 💔😕 emojis also uses Simpson edits to show their “depression” And denies when confronted about it. And don’t forget this one, they always like to date people then break up with them then post a heartbroken emoji on their story.
Every middle schooler on their story,”Don’t hit me up I need time to think, only the real ones would know.” A.K.A Fake Depression
by @andyloll2 August 3, 2019
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When someone pretends they have depression for attention. They could post things like Bart Simpson crying with a caption saying “pls someone fucking kill me :(“ . A very common way to tell someone is faking it is if they always talk about having “mental breakdowns” or “crying fits” wherever they go. These people are disgusting attention whores so if you come across one just ignore them so they don’t get what they want.
Beth: hey Eloise, how was your night?
Eloise: oh well I was fucking crying my eyes out about the smallest thing. God I’m so sensitive. Why am I still alive.
Beth: fucking attention whore
Eloise: what?
Beth: you have such bad fake depression
Eloise: no I dont *pretending to cry*
Beth: oh fuck off
by honestlystop January 24, 2020
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Someone who claims to have depression but normally has intentions to gain attention and fish for compliments and pity. They act sad and try and look depressed and complain obsessively about how they have it. They also will not accept help because deep down they know that its fake and they want all the attention. These people will also say that they have no friends even if they have many. They also use other people as therapists and never consider other people because they're "too sad" to give a sh*t. I kinda pity people who do this because they dont realise how people with depression really feel therefore mimick them.
"hey you look kinda sad are you okay?"
"I'm just really sad because of my depression and i wanna die!"
"What can I do to help?"
"Oh its my (fake depression) you can't do anything about it now im gonna cry and be an emo!"
by peach.maru April 14, 2020
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If your name is Kazuto you are faking sad feelings to get attention bc your gf slaps you
by @Kazuto#5284 November 11, 2019
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