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Typically, Fake Depression can be spotted by attention whore teenagers. Who will pretend to be constantly sad. Being sad for 10 min. or just not having a good day does not mean you have depression.
Nadia Shinn is an attention seeking, annoying little prick who claims to have "Crippling Depression." This an example of Fake Depression.
by Official North Polk November 06, 2018
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Fake depression is when somebody falsely exhibits symptoms of depression for the sake of getting attention/pity/compliments. Of course, it is also being theorized that actual depression is an unconscious evolutionarily-ingrained attempt to bargain with/manipulate the environment. For some people who 'have' fake depression, it is because they just need attention and caring from those around them. This in and of itself does not mean there is not a problem. In that case, even if they do not need treatment for depression, they still need either support/caring or need to solve the problem of being needy, as fitting the situation.

Some who suffer from depression fear that they are faking it and only being trouble, and thus shouldn't be helped.

In todays 'society', there are self-proclaimed emo people who may fake depression for the sake of it being <i>cool</i>. Those who mimic illness because they think it will make them seem fashionable recieve only contempt and disgust from many people who are trying to recover from depression due to it being viewed as a mockery and making depression much less accepted as a real danger by many people.

In conclusion, although fake depression may not be genuine, it still can signify other problems that need to be identified.
I only have fake depression, all I do is manipulate others, who STILL wont admit that they need to leave me behind for their own good.
by The Third Reflection June 03, 2007
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Fake depression is when somebody is so desperate for attention they pretend to have a mental illness. Commonly found in pre-teen girls that are hitting their ''emo'' phase. The people who fake depression commonly flaunt it and always mention it. This type of human being is disgusting and immoral. People with fake depression claim they have no ''real'' friends and they constantly whine and bitch even though they have over 20 friends.
John said ''Hey look at Jessica over there, why does she look so sad all the time?'' Bob replied ''Nah, that bitch just has fake depression''
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by Jack Black Black Jack February 22, 2018
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