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A smallish town located in Bergen County New Jersey. Where there are more temples than houses. Home of the Fair Lawn Cutters, who haven't won a football game since 1703..B.C. Though most might mistake it as a golf course at times,no, our grass is not that nice. And where everyone knows if Martin Luther King and Christopher Colombus were Jewish, we might actually have those holidays off. A place where orange is not only a color, but a skin tone as well. Lets not forget, where you can hang out in the parking lot of CVS and be cool.
Every city in America didn't have school on Christmas, except for Fair Lawn.

As the opposing team against Fair lawn had 2 and a half players, they still won 112 to 4.

by Hoda Abdulla October 18, 2005
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Small town in bergen county,North Jersey.

Fair Lawn is an upper middle class town, most people that live in Fair Lawn are Jewish, or a combo of Italian/German/Dutch/Irish/Polish. In the winter Fair Lawnians go sleding on middle school hills. In the summer Fair Lawnians migrate to memorial pool. Fair Lawn is between 5-15 minutes away from The Bergan Mall, The Paramus Park Mall, The Graden State Plaza, and Willobrook Mall. Fair Lawn is also 20 minutes from NYC.

New things about Fair lawn include:
Panera Bread.
Addition to FLHS.
New Rec center.

Fair Lawn is famous for:
-Club C.
-The Guerreri brothers.
-The worst highschool football team on the eastern seaboard. "go cutters
-Thet amount of Jewish people
-The only town whos school dont get off when EVERYONE else does.
I just got back from the Garden State Plaza, and went to Club C, in Fair Lawn. When I drove around dunkin donuts one of the Guerreri brothers raced me. They won.
by mellybelly123 October 17, 2006
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A small Town in Bergen County New Jersey. Home to the Cutters who haven't won a football game since the Blue Jays made it to a World Series. Aside from it's terrible sports Fair Lawn is home to the cool hang out spot CVS where drugs and drinks are delt like it's nothing.
Fair Lawn-
by EnBs July 10, 2008
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Home of the Cutters. (What the f*ck is a cutter anyway?)
More like home of the tools.

If you walk past a group of kids and you are smoking a cigarette they will surround you and beg for one. And start yelling, "CUT ME DOWN, YO!" "CAN I GET A BOGE?!"

If you go to Panera Bread or Dunkin Dounts, you will most likely find a group of kids smoking cigarettes that are all looking or waiting for bud.

If you go to stone bench you can probably find a couple of kids smoking a blunt.
Yo d00d let's go chill at panera in FAIR LAWN, i need a bogieeeeeeeee!
by Cock is My Favorite Food November 30, 2009
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a russian jew town in northern nj. nothing to ever do. home to some of the funniest nd immature kids.. everyone smokes. home to radburn nd river road
Dave: lets go to river road in fair lawn and check out the russian store
Ivan: no, they smell really bad

Bob: lets go to the parking lot for a smoke
Rob: sure
by ............////,. October 14, 2007
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1) An extremely boring, crap town in Bergen County in northern New Jersey where the coolest place to hang out is a Dunkin Donuts.

2) A town where less than fifteen people know how to have a decent, mind-stimulating conversation.

3) What you can use to call any place of complete misery.
"So what should we do in Fair Lawn today guys? I say we pick one of the seven Dunkin Donutses to go to and smoke a cigarette!"

"Dude, I was at Mike's party yesterday, and it was fucking Fair Lawn."
by KtKrimz July 10, 2008
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