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A poser, NOT to be mistaken for a real Goth. One who adheres to certain generic hard rock music/style such as Mudvayne or Slipknot and black clothing, while pretending to be a hardcore badass for the sake of getting attention from guys/girls. A faggoth spends all of his/her time conforming to the Hot Topic ideology, dressing mainly in black, while denouncing conformity of all kinds, foolishly mistaking their OWN GENERIC CONFORMITY for individualism. Of course, most deny and dismiss their love for Hot Topic, however the majority just say this to further boost their own "individualism" however this is just an act, a fake plastic attempt to be different, much like their personality. Some faggoths listen to underground music, in hopes of authenticating their own “uniqueness”. Faggoths are known to be quite liberal in their beliefs, ardently denouncing government, politics, and the President of the United States, because that is the cool thing to do. They are for gay rights, and the legalization of drugs, more specifically marijuana. However these attempts to become “individuals” fail miserably because faggoths are just as materialistic, shallow, and egocentric as everyone else whom they claim to NOT be. However, due to lack of intelligence in our society, very few people can distinguish a real goth, from a faggoth.
Faggoth Tony: "I'm such a badass, I listen to cool obscure rock bands, I wear makeup, I smoke pot everyday, and I have 20+ peircings on my face alone...this makes me so cool!"

Stupid Girls Who Fall For BULLSHIT: "wow...and black are such a badass!!! You truely are goth!"

Me: *throws up*
by BitterSalem March 22, 2007
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Combination of "faggot" & "goth"

Used to describe anyone who shops at Hot Topic, listens to HIM, Slipknot, or any other Numetal. Can be found in their dark rooms writing poetry, doing drugs, or trying to kill themselves. If you ever encounter one, approach with extreme violence.

Also see Dani Filth or Marilyn Manson
Drew: "Ha, look at the group on faggoths, coming out of Hot Topic."

Nate: *picks up a rusty pipe* "Let's go kick their Victorian-styled asses"
by Mister Fleshcage May 30, 2005
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Conflation of faggot / goth. Largely redundant, because all goths are fags. No exceptions whatsoever.
Another faggoth gone below, praise that from whom all blessings flow.
by Lord Grimcock August 11, 2008
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1. N.) An intricate combination of fag and goth personas.

2. N.) One who indulges in acts of faggothry. (i.e. black fingernails, lipstick, top-hats)

"Look at that faggoth."
by rickwhohatesyou August 07, 2006
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faggot + goth

gay goth kid. probably likes reading queer books about conspiracies and vampires and having secks with men. one of the highest degrees of being a skwayer
person one-hey look at edgar over there

person two- no he's part of the "dark" side or whatever. he wants to be called andariel, darkness lord of the almighty, grand panel of the sages of elm street werewolverines.

person one- wow what a faggoth
by Ck July 09, 2004
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