Skinless is a Awsome Death metal Band that is Underground(not mainstream) with Deep Death metal vocals and some good Screaming. Songs Like Crispy Kids, Tampon Lollipops,The Optimist,and Pool Of Stool are some good songs.
Just Listen to Skinless to find out how good they are for an underground band

by Jon Mills May 6, 2004
Hey, pass me that skinless wire. I need to mount these ICs on this here PCB.
by fu kwan August 1, 2009
When you wedgie someone when their undies are outside of their shorts/pants. lol
You think my butthole wouldn't hurt after that skinless wedgie, but they really got up there.
by Buttcheek Boi November 3, 2021
- an infant lacking skin
- Term used in bed to describe a circumsized, below average penis.
- "Hey Jack, look at that skinless baby over there"
- "Yes! Yes! put that skinless baby in me!"
by christiano2324 December 13, 2009
Any circumcised penis. Male genitalia that has been mutilated by circumcision or removal of the foreskin.
Look at that poor asshole, he's been stuck with a Skinless Chicken his whole life!

Betty has been disappointed with the skinless chicken she puts in her mouth, it has no flavor.
by Admiral von Bitchslapp May 1, 2009
My new religion. I skinned a yoda over a discord call. Yes, this is chris, yes, you’re reading this right. I got on urban dictionary for skinless yoda. Who’s laughing now?
Chris: I made a new religion. BOW TO SKINLESS YODA
Alex: What the actual fuck
by Björgēñ June 10, 2020