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My Dying Bride is an English Death/Doom Metal from England. So far, the band has released 10 Full length CD's, 3 EP's, 1 box set, and 4 compilation albums.

See also: Doom Metal

The band often features a morose style of singing, coupled with a musical backing that features up-tempo music. The band is often called "The Leader in Doom Metal", as it emanates it's core qualities (e.g. Clean/Scream vocal mix, Orchestra, Poetic Lyrics)
Any worthy Doom Metal playlist will have atleast one My Dying Bride song.
by Mr_Macabre July 31, 2009
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1) The leaders of the Doom Metal sub-genre.
2) Best. Band. Ever.
My Dying Bride fucking own
by Daemon June 26, 2003
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2. listening to them has about the same emotional impact as your bride dying.
3. misery.
Cry of Mankind
your shameful heaven
Symphonaire Infernus et spera Empyrium
by Lee Bullock Mullethunter March 23, 2004
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