The new way of saying faggot. Why is it called faggo now? Well:
F=Everyone loves to have fun!
a=Everyone wants to get an A in school
G=Well... everyone loves twins!
O=the shape of a donut. And everyone loves donuts
T=But that T... that rotten T. Maybe people don't like it because it represents christ! So take it out!

Now we have faggo. So remember use the word faggo... its cooler and feels like it hurts more
by Strife Tribal August 6, 2005
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My 65 year old, gay, Italian aunt was acting like a faggo this afternoon.
by Mr.clean’sballs February 8, 2022
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Abbreviation of the word faggit or faggot, meaning homosexual or gay. For example:

07:38 <@_XIII> hai Quicktime`
07:38 <%Quicktime`> ;p
07:38 <%Quicktime`> fago

This term/insult is often used in the unknowncheats / uc-forum IRC channel and is usually used by Quicktime.
For example:

07:38 <@_XIII> hai Quicktime`
07:38 <%Quicktime`> ;p
07:38 <%Quicktime`> faggo
by magicf July 3, 2009
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A forum nazi who believes that everyone o the forum exists to create enjoyment for himself. An adminsitrator who ignores the complaints and suggestions of the registered users and his own Staff, and does as he sees fit. A forum nazi who bans anyone who says anything he does not agree with, and uses the threat of a ban to force poeple to agree with his opinions.
SourceGuy is a Faggo Supreme
by JacksonCougar July 14, 2009
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That one guy at Mc donalds who wont let you use more than one coupon.

1 per customer per day is just silly!!!
"that son of a bitch mc faggo is gona need a coupon to get my foot out of his ass".
by yoda of course August 15, 2005
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faggo t a popular tea from britain that involves blueberry leaves and maple syrup.
yoooo have you tried faggo tea
yea i love the taste of faggo tea
by bilal the tea drinker July 3, 2021
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