a combination of the words fagot and homo
Jon you fago pass that motha fuckin blunt.
by shawwty im the man May 19, 2008
See fag , gay .
Another insult for the repetitively used word "gay" or "fag". Fago sounds funnier and it doesnt nessesarily mean homosexual.
-"jooooo stoooopid fago."
by Teh Dave July 13, 2003
Abbreviation of the word faggit or faggot, meaning homosexual or gay. For example:

07:38 <@_XIII> hai Quicktime`
07:38 <%Quicktime`> ;p
07:38 <%Quicktime`> fago

This term/insult is often used in the unknowncheats / uc-forum IRC channel and is usually used by Quicktime.
For example:

07:38 <@_XIII> hai Quicktime`
07:38 <%Quicktime`> ;p
07:38 <%Quicktime`> fago
by magicf July 3, 2009
Someone who’s emotionless and cold who won’t get close to anyone unless they vibe with them
by Jaico May 15, 2020
Someone that is being a complete poohead. Therefore i call them a fago which stands for faggot but you take off the T because it sounds better.
Nathan is a fago because he punched me.
by Alex , Nathan, Matt October 12, 2006
a slang word used by moorheadians to descried people from fargo. pronounced FAG-O.
Person: holy shit, dude that girl looks easy.
Me: well no shit shes from fago!
by hi.i'mkt November 7, 2007