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Has nothing to do with fuck off ! It's used instead of "stop being a fag!"
Homosexual guy:"Oh my god!Has anyone told you your hair is amazingly sexy?"
<<Normal>> guy:"Fag off, you faggot!"
by EG24 November 16, 2006
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When two fags are vying for ultimate fag supremacy amongst their fag peers.
These two fags are ready to go at it. It's a fag off fo' sheezy.
by P-Sheezy January 15, 2007
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An often yet not always "thank GOD" closet case homo or bi sexual male that does not act queer or feminine but in private or out of public viewing has an almost 2nd personality entirely feminine at times. Like a "queen".
"Holy shit that guy is not straight and has a wife and kids and brags about women he sleeps with and prances them around with him but hes such a Fagoff it is upsetting he doesn't come out of the closet and stop hurting people and himself..."
by Draicore September 17, 2019
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a republican, homophobic closeted gay guy who hates and stereotypes gay men and SJWs
"billy is the biggest fagoff that i have ever had the misfortune of speaking to, he thinks all Beyoncé's fans are flamboyant gay men and SJWs who constantly play the race card but is also obsessed with taylor swift and miley cyrus, two woman who only represent white feminsm while ignoring the struggles of WOC, something just isn't right with that picture"

"he kinda is somewhat right, alot of her fans are gay men and feminists or whatever SJWs means"

"and what the fuck am i, a potato? i'm a straight male and enjoy Beyoncé's music, did you know he's also republican?"

"what kind of gay man is republican?"

"i know right, ofc the fagoff likes tayble stiff and miley virus"

"'tayble stiff' 'miley virus' boy i- skskskksksksss"
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by seychills14 August 14, 2019
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