Fake bacon. A vegetarian substitute for bacon, usually made from Textured Vegetable Protein (T.V.P).
"Instead of a B.L.T I had an F.L.T for lunch, meaning Facon, lettuce and tomato."
by Robert Del Fonté December 17, 2007
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Artificial bacon for vegetarians made from corn fed pigs or something.

Consistency of an old school tie when cooked.For best results fry lightly in animal fat ;-)
As Hilary tucked into her facon and egg muffin she explained that fish didn't really count as they dont have fur and yes that proves she was a vegetarian.
by cpRtech June 19, 2007
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Fake bacon- usually refered to off brand bacon such as turkey bacon
Mom I don’t want facon I want bacon!
by Jacobdahomie December 30, 2019
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A person who believes his life is hard and terrible although he has tons of money and goes to a private school.
A facon talking to his "friends":
"Man my life is so terrible!!! I have a crappy Nokia and my mum has to pay the rent!!!!!"
*Goes home, plays on his iPad while in a bathtub full of money*
by fdfsdfhgfgcv khubi August 17, 2014
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fake bacon like you buy in a jar or that you get at a cheap take out place
I eat facon on my salad. There was facon on that poutine.
by peders July 13, 2012
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Small pieces of unknown origin passing themselves off as bacon bits. Commonly found today at many salad bars as well as grocery sheleves. Easily identified by consistency of small pieces of gravel.
I think I'll have some facon bits on my salad!
by Tuchdown November 6, 2002
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