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1. The act of judging/categorising someone, based on their face.
2. Teasing the formation of someone's face in a judgemental fashion.
Bully: oi your nose should be around 0.362 millimetres to the left!
Victim: Wow stop looking at me so closely pervert, ooh and that's facial discrimination (thanks pengueleon for that new word you're so cool and you should get word of the week.)
by Pengueleon June 11, 2016
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discrimination based on an individual's facial appearance.
The modelling agency turned down her application because they said she was not pretty enough. This is one case of facial discrimination.
by Ben Lakandula May 23, 2007
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The art of accusing somebody on the grounds that they have treated somebody differently based on their face.
Example of Facial Discrimination

Ted: Are you gonna give that black chick the job?

Jack: Nah, i dont like her face. Much prefer that Hawaiian chick... mmmmmm......
by JewishMike December 09, 2007
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