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Someone who is using facebook as a forum for their abuse of another. Whether via indirect comments posted as their own status, or direct bitching on another's wall.
Mate, did you look on facebook last night? Jane was being a total facecunt to Aida.
by The Rickmanator December 19, 2010
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shut your facecunt
don't talk with your facecunt full
i'm facecunt smacked
by Earni September 21, 2005
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Noun: any hole in a person's face, either currently existing, or freshly made.
You got a real pretty face cunt.

I'm going to slit you from eye to eye, and hate fuck your newly acquired face cunt!
by yinzer84 August 25, 2016
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A mouth; specifically, one optimally designed for sucking copious amounts of semen out of oversized penises. When a faggot cumdump is in his customary "full-service" position (on all fours), the facecunt is the forward-facing fuckhole, equipped with a tongue; the rear fuckhole is properly known as a "boypussy" or, in more mature specimens, as a "mancunt."
Me and my frat brothers slammed that fuckbitch's facecunt so hard and so long, he fuck near drowned in jism.
by Spear69 June 02, 2009
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Basically, a goatee. But neatly trimmed or wild, it looks like the pubes around a facial vag - hence, it's a face cunt. The expression is common slang in Germany: Gesichtsfotze.
Dood 1: bro, you are sportin' a total face cunt
Dood 2: what the fuck dood? You wanna pound that hole or what?
Dood 1: yeah, that pussy looks pretty sweet to me bro. Open wide. But keep it tight.
by IkuraEater August 12, 2014
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