a feeling of intense or growing anger brought on by other Facebook users' comments or posts. Such behavior might include sarcasm, verbal insults, name calling, making threats, or, in extreme situations, yo momma insults. Facebook rage can lead to excessive Googling in search of supporting facts, incorrect quotations, screaming at your computer, throwing your phone out the window, high blood pressure, twitching eyes, and insomnia.
Why does Jesse look so bad this morning?

She was up all night with Facebook rage when Nate asked why people would oppose gay marriage, and then someone responded that marrying children and animals would be next.
by jessegrace5 March 28, 2013
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When a person getting angry at another person for interrupting their Facebook time.
Matt: "Hey Mike, wanna go out?"
Mike: "FUCK OFF MAN. I'm on Facebook."
Matt: "You should get off Facebook soon Mike. You're getting bad Facebook rage."
by Mb500 October 17, 2008
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The extreme frustration one feels when Facebook changes things up.
I got some major Facebook Rage today when I couldn't figure out how to use Facebook's new "helpful" feature
by Ruhlentheworld September 21, 2011
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When a individual who suffers from facebook Fever has trouble accessing the facebook website resulting in a onslaught of verbal profanity and or physical damage to the offending computer or its components.
When my girlfriend (who has a bad case of Facebook Fever) couldn’t access her facebook login she exploded with "Facebook Rage." A verbal tirade laced with excessive profanity well simultaneously slamming the computer mouse over and over again against the computer desk.
by Harry James-Parker November 30, 2010
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The arousal of negative emotions upon reading the Facebook status updates of friends through the News Feed, esp. when the statuses are asinine, arrogant, or pretentious.
Examples of statuses that cause Facebook Status Rage:

"I miss changing people's lives."
-- Ok, Gandhi.
"Guess who got a perfect score on the exam?"
-- I don't know, help me out Sherlock.
"I have been studying so hard for my midterm this weekend. FML."
-- Too bad you still don't get it.
by ELFFDTCS November 10, 2009
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