4 definitions by Harry James-Parker

When a individual who suffers from facebook Fever has trouble accessing the facebook website resulting in a onslaught of verbal profanity and or physical damage to the offending computer or its components.
When my girlfriend (who has a bad case of Facebook Fever) couldn’t access her facebook login she exploded with "Facebook Rage." A verbal tirade laced with excessive profanity well simultaneously slamming the computer mouse over and over again against the computer desk.
by Harry James-Parker November 30, 2010
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(1) A expression used to describe a overwhelming feeling of panic.
(2..) A overwhelming series of events that happen to a individual or individual's. Resulting in extremely high levels of panic and anxiety.
"I am "FTFO! (Freaking The Fuck Out.)" I just lost my job, my girl dumped me, my rents due and I don't have any money. Don't know what I am going to do?"
by Harry James-Parker September 24, 2014
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Extremely attractive female who has a decidedly noticeable lack of cleavage.
"Dude Ashley's hot!" "She okay... She would be so much hotter if she didn't have that Slack Rack!"
by Harry James-Parker September 24, 2014
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Unidentified Flying Ratchet.
A species of "Ratchet" usual seen in dance clubs dressed in such an outlandish and trashy manner, that it pushes typical ratchet fashion so far it becomes otherworldly.
Joe: “How was da club?” Jack: “The usual, full of the nasty ratchets, and one wild UFR. Man ya should of seen that UFR. She was so far out... bitch definitely living in another galaxy.”
by Harry James-Parker September 05, 2015
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