Posting vague, self pitying status updates on Facebook in an obvious bid for attention and emotional support.
Sally: Will anything good ever come into my life?

Bobby: Doubt it, dude. Stop Facebaiting.
by Johnwilkie March 16, 2011
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Posting to Facebook only to get a specific reaction from a specific person. Causes nearly all Friends to say, "Huh?", but one particular Friend to say, "Oo. I know what that's about." Not always negative. Not always positive.
Did you see that come across your News Feed?

Something's definitely up. He/she's Facebaiting somebody.
by The Sausalito Samurai October 22, 2009
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Posting an inflammatory status update or link on a social networking site in order to stir up trouble or antagonize your friends list.
"Bill only posted that Fox News link on Facebook to piss off his liberal friends. He was totally Facebaiting."
by inhetet June 3, 2009
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Cryptic posts in facebook that express a vague sentiment but do not provide any details, clearly designed to bait friends to ask follow-up questions.
A facebook wall post that could be considered facebait would be posts like "Today is the day!" or "Ugh, I am over it..." or "Now I know why I should stay home..." or "Hurt and disappointed..."
by Arabian Thunder August 19, 2011
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The phenomenon whereby an intentional and impossibly obscure Facebook status causes numerous friends to respond.
After declaring in his status that "Rich has big news" - he was accused of facebaiting.
by Mace in AZ February 14, 2009
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The act of posting on an acquaintance's wall after seeing them go idle in your friend list in order to bait them into getting back online. Usually targeted at women with whom the FaceBaiter is only loosely acquainted with the ultimate goal of starting a chat conversation without the appearance of trying.
Person: You talk to that girl from the party last weekend?

FaceBaiter: I was just about to but then she went offline. That bitch is never on!

Person: Dude, try FaceBaiting her. Tag her in a picture then you can mack all over that bitch when she gets back on. Get some!
by the zuckerbeast March 1, 2011
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A party, event or gathering known or designed to attract celeb-watchers whose sole desire is to be snapped by the paparazzi in close proximity to their favourite D-lister in the vain hope that their face appears in the corner of a photo in the next edition of Heat magazine.
China White at closing time, Leicester Square on new-release night, the BAFTAs etc. are all examples of facebait events containing the necessary ingredients of: d-list celebs, paparazzi and excitable and hormonally imbalanced fans.
by Jim in London April 23, 2008
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