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Adding only your closest friends in Facebook and keeping in touch with them, for real.
Jake -I got 1,500 friends in this cool networking game called Facebook and you got like 10. LMAO, you suck..
Marcus -For me it is more like Face-to-Facebook, like seeing my friends when not really being able to meet them in person.
by Finnish-linguist November 27, 2009
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A book one carries around to write down phone numbers, emails, etc.

Carried around when a person is living in denial of digital and they're not on Facebook, don't have an iphone, etc.
Joan: Dylan isn't on facebook, so when he said he wanted to stay in touch I wrote my number in his face-to-facebook.
Edie: You mean a paper book? How cute!

Jack: We couldn't google map it since none of us had iphones, so I had to draw the directions in Will's face-to-facebook.
by GWMcL September 25, 2010
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A face to face meeting between two people who originally get to know each other on facebook.
It was interesting to find out that the bride and groom were a "face to face-book" connection.
by Bryan C P T April 17, 2007
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Face to Facebook is when you don't have time to call or get together in person with friends or business contacts, but you still want them to feel special, so you write on their wall.
Hey no big deal. I wish I had time for a face to face meeting too but I am so slammed that I can't make it until late next week. We can Face to Facebook until our lives calm down a bit. If you need immediate attention, you can always go primitive and I'll pick up.
by pinball queen September 07, 2009
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