Fuck you doing, basically wyd(What you doing) but another way of usin it.
Jen: Joey...Fyd?

Joey: Nothing chillen', you ?
by AceAasem June 02, 2010
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Fuck You Den. Like Forget you then.

Usually used when a boy is mad or is not satisfied with the outcome or response.
Boy: I wanna kiss you and hold you tight

Girl: Eww tf ur always being a wierdo, your ugly and annoying Asf.

Boy: True Fyd
by TheRealJackass August 13, 2016
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1.) To fuck ones dead skull.

2.) To be so angry that you are willing to kill somebody, and then fuck their dead skull out of sheer outrage towards the one being skull fucked.
If you don't start doing your job, im going to Fuck Your Dead Skull (FYDS)
by Hungwaylo Johnson June 23, 2010
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