Fuck You All

Coined by the strong against the weak. Especially when in discussion with mates.
Im right
Your all Wrong

Fuck You All !!
by Wordspinster February 23, 2005
FYA, the ebonic way of saying fire. Often used by cavemen to keep warm or warm up their meat. or. a rapid, persistent chemical change that releases heat and light and is accompanied by flame.
That corn is on fya!
by denisechang April 30, 2005
an acronym of the popular Kylo Ren x Reader fanfic "Fix Your Attitude" by Kassanovella, first published on Archive of Our Own in 2016 and later posted on Wattpad after going viral on TikTok in early 2020. FYA is well-known for its infamous use of lightsabers as a phallic object, and the heavy BDSM relationship. It's the most popular Kylo Ren/Reader fic on Ao3 AND Wattpad, with over 300k hits and almost 10k kudos on the former, and 3.4 million reads and 36.9k votes on the latter.
Tiktok #1: Omfg yk some people call FYA the "my immortal of gen z," right?
Tiktoker #2: yeah apparently kylo f*cks you with his lightsaber...i havent been able to look at mine the same since oof
Tiktoker #3: guys what the fuck???
by Maven Morozova December 6, 2020
For Your Amusement
FYA, here's some pictures of my vacation.
by A. Prog. April 22, 2010
An acronym that stands for Fuck Your Acronyms.
Girl: omfg, im so bored wtf. lol. did you hear about Betty? she is such a whore. smh.

Guy: Seriously, FYA and shut up.
by aurevoirkimmi November 15, 2010
Informing someone about something you did with the intent of getting appreciation
by MJM27 January 25, 2010
For Your Amusement
FYA, check out this hilariously bad e-mail below
by udfya December 12, 2016