3 definitions by MJM27

Stands for As Soon As Fucking Possible. Takes the universally understood adage ASAP to a whole new level of emphasis.
Babe, I'm thirsty as hell. Bring me a Pellegrino ASAFP.
by MJM27 November 17, 2009
Informing someone about something you did with the intent of getting appreciation
by MJM27 January 25, 2010
The inate ability to locate a Starbucks nearby when traveling in unfamiliar territory.
Friend 1: “We need to find a Starbucks in this town. I need a triple chai latte pronto.”

Friend 2: “No problem, I’m guessing there should be a Bucks up ahead on the left.”

Friend 1: “You’re right -- I see it. Man, how do you do that? Your stardar always amazes me.”
by MJM27 December 2, 2009