we will all be saying this for the next four years..................it is the truth.
FUCK BUSH! why the hell did he get us into these wars?
by taylor November 5, 2004
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To insert a penis into anothers pubic region. To rub ones vagina against anothers pubic region.
Are you going to fuck bush tonight?
No, thankyou. I'm fucking vagina.
by nick April 7, 2005
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The idiotic banter of brainwashed youth who repeat what they say before processing any real information
Stupid teenagers and young adults alike are the mouthpieces of the left when they say "FUCK BUSH."
by moatillata December 14, 2004
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What my 10 year old brother says everytime I swear, to both try to get me to stop swearing and to announce his dispise for the president of the United States pubically!
Me: "Oh Shit!"
my mom: "What do you say?"
My brother: "Fuck Bush!"
by Alyssa February 12, 2005
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The hip new phrase all the young people use to exclaim disappointment or anger.

This phrase is especially popular when reacting to an unfortunate situtation regardless of its cause. After all, it is, in all liklihood, George W. Bush's fault.
Coach: Sorry Mike, you've been cut from the team.
Mike: Fuck George Bush!

Guidance Counselor: Sorry Mike, you will be held back for a second round of 11th grade.
Mike: Fuck George Bush!

After missing the first 8 minutes of the new South Park episode
Mike: Fuck George Bush!

After realizing he made a retarded mistake on his Calc I Final Exam
Mike: Fuck George Bush!

After being bitten by a Komodo dragon and left to die of disease and infection in a strange Indonesian jungle
Mike: Fuck George Bush!

After being forced to watch Sparticus for the fifth time over because his Latin teacher is a fat lazy man whore
Mike: Fuck George Bush!

After realizing that buying the #2 combo would actually have been cheaper than trying to save money and not ordering a drink
Mike: Fuck George Bush!

After his mom packed another useless fruit that he won't eat in his lunch
Mike: Fuck George Bush!

After spending 3 hours reading about strange and unusual sexual positions on Wikipedia, and debating the ethics of wanking to a the free encycolpedia, and forgetting to pick his brother up from school
Mike: Fuck George Bush!
by DaKMan444444 May 12, 2008
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Fuck jeb bush no further explanation required
Ian: Nik why did you just run over that sign?
Nik: fuck jeb bush
by Jewkill November 2, 2016
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When a person looks messing and musty you tell them “you looked like you were fucked in bush” to let them know how nasty they look.
Ur friend: *walks up with mascara smudge, hair frizzy and out of place*
You: “you liked like you got fucked in a bush
by November 18, 2022
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