Fit To Fuck

Text slang generally between two guys chatting about a girl as a sex object.
Friend 1: should've come last night mate,
Friend 2: Why what did I miss?
Friend 1: Man! There was this fit bird, telling you she was FTF mate!
by Worldtotal June 08, 2011
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Post-script for an event being "Four-twenty friendly," referring to the gathering being welcoming of smokin' grass.
On an event flyer: "City Lake, 5:00 pm, BYOB FTF"
by Jacob Thesnakaab August 15, 2011
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Abbreviation for "Finish the Fucker".

Frequently called out by one person in a group setting to force everyone to pound the rest of their beer.
"FTF, bitches!"
"Dude, I just opened this one!"
"I don't give a shit! FTF!!"
by visattaq December 21, 2009
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Joe: i swear that kid stole 50 cents from me....

Bob: ill go give him an ftf
by onewhodies November 10, 2010
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A term/acronym used to say "fuck the fakes".

Origin- Came from a gentleman called Chris Perez, because he was tired of the snakes and fakes.
Snake- Yo you cool and wanna hang out tomorow?
Non Snake- fuck you. you're a cunt and talk shit behind my back.

Snake- sorry dude!!! i won't do it again.

Non Snake- nah fam ftf
Chris- good job!
by dr.ftf December 27, 2016
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Feel the Feels or Feel the Feels
1. Used in response to show empathy towards another's feelings.

2. To let someone know that something they said, did, or posted, made you feel an emotion.
Person: " I asked my daughter what she was thankful for and expected to hear dinosaurs or something. She said "I'm thankful for you momma!" My feels spilled all over the place!"

You: FTF
by TheGolgothan February 27, 2016
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