Full retard mode. Usually occurs after getting REALLY high.
Jonathan went FRM after hitting the bong one too many times, and was unable to speak proper English.
by joxchy October 2, 2014
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Full Retard Mode - when you're totally in love with a person and do all kinds of stupid shit to get their attention. Also every good interaction with said person makes you more determined that this is in fact the love of your life.
I wanna interact with this person I already have 20 scenario's on how this could go right and 20 scenario's on how this could go wrong and then scenario's on those scenario's.. FRM is definitely on
by Lamagician June 28, 2018
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Fm is a short way of saying ‘from’
‘where yu frm bro
by may1 May 10, 2020
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Dungeans and dragon term for Fine Red Mist
You have been frm'ed!!!!
by Lucille E September 1, 2006
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A street ni*** with style and money.
A: yo wuss good ma g you look like king viggiz frm da o

B: yeah boyyyyy I know I got style and money bitchhhhhh lezgoooooo
by BlocccGloccc August 15, 2021
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