Phrase used by Robert Downey Jr.'s character in the movie Tropic Thunder. Referring to when an actor playing the mentally retarded goes all out leaving the viewer unable to connect.
Sean Penn went Full Retard in I Am Sam
by Dane Adi August 26, 2008
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1) Somewhere you never should go.
2) Playing a mentally handicapped person in a film or show with no exceptional or redeeming skills.
by August 12, 2008
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Basically this means a person went too far out of character, in a negative way, and now we don't know this person anymore. However, if this person still has one redeeming quality that we can connect with then it saves that person from this title.

Before the term "Full Retard" became popular it was called acting completely out of character.

This person could be in a movie or a friend or an acquaintance. It would have to be someone you would know or someone that is expected to act a certain way like a police officer, firefighter, judge, etc..
Timmy: "Tom went full retard after his team lost the world series. Nobody needs to jam a hot curling iron up their butt when their team loses. I don't even know him anymore." = Full Retard

Tracy: "Stacy went full retard after her mom stole her boyfriend, for the third time"
Bruce: "Yeah, setting her mom's clothes on fire is so unlike her."
Jimmy: "But Stacy still works at the movie theater and hooks us up so she's still cool with me."
Lexis: "Besides, Stacy's mom has got it going on, and everyone knows that." = Not Full Retard
by Deeez00 April 12, 2018
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A full retard is a person that is retarded to a greater extent, or an individual that spazzes out uncontrollably from excitement that would mimic a person with Down Syndrome. A person that goes full retard that is retarded can be incredibly dangerous, as they can generally black out from emotions such as rage if under emotional distress or if they feel threatened they will have a loss of physical arm movements and can feel no pain. If they start winding up a windmill punch and it happens to connect, it can be incredibly devastating, if not lethal, to the individual receiving the blow. A person without the physical retard strength that can go full retard will have a loss of neck control and will make a lot of noise.
Did you see that homeless dude go full retard when those guys took his sandwich? I thought he was getting hyphy until I realized he was actually retarded.
by Uncle Renegade April 8, 2017
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Going ~: not detecting a troll, doing something really stupid or asking a really dumb question.
by Gouatsie June 8, 2015
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