FOH stands for “fuck outta here” it’s mostly used when someone is lying or if someone mad over bullshit. This can be used as a phrase .
Zack:”Yo Larry this dude tried to fight at the train station”

Larry:” FOH!”
by shzlyabsu May 24, 2018
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1."foh nigga"
1."get tha FUCK outa here"
by The Big Nug T April 13, 2003
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Guess who I saw yesterday?
Your old ex. Calvin!
FOH! Where you see that fool?
by poopsie88 June 10, 2012
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front of house...used in restaurants cafes etc to refer to everything in front of the dining area etc
there always between foh and kitchen staff
by toprock April 7, 2015
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In live productions; Acronym for Front of House
The new usher was assigned to FOH.
by ericsounds January 6, 2009
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teenage girl who is "fresh outta highschool." Usually about to start college. Rhymes with the word hoe, and for good reason.
I'll be at my college's freshman orientation tomorrow looking for any FOHs that want to get loose.
by Amain August 23, 2010
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